We take the time before every trip to educate everyone on the procedures we follow to keep everyone safe on our boat. We understand that not everyone is a expert in water safety and we will take the time and demonstrate our procedures to you as many times as it takes until you are comfortable with the simple safety steps. Our boat is a oceanic learning classroom. We do all of this in a fun way.

We have learned and improved the best way to communicate with our guests and that is why we have developed procedures, not rules. As mentioned in the above paragraph, we explain to you and your kids how we do things on our boat. These things include: How to hold on with three parts of your body touching something at all times, how to walk around without falling, how to avoid slips, trips and falls, how to hold your pole, how to flush the toilet, how to bait your hook and the list continues, but you get the picture. You will understand why we do things differently on our boat after you meet us. We want you to have the best fishing experience to date! If you have any specific questions on how or why we do the things we do, don’t be afraid to ask…the only thing that bites on our boat is the fish!